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Reducing response time to bugs in production

One thing  is common to most startup companies:  products need to be built fast, pushed out as soon as possible while delivering the best possible customer experience at the moment.  The problem is that bugs can easily find their way to production.

If you are a developer, you would agree … Continue Reading


3 ways to boost your PHP backend performance

Performance is something I have been intrested in for a while now. I have not only been concerned about writing code that works but also code that performs considerably at the face of large input or traffic.

Since performance is a function of all integral parts of a system, in … Continue Reading

FacebookTwitterGoogle+Reddit & iamtheCode hackathon: Nigeria Edition partnered with iamtheCode to organize a 2-day hackathon in Nigeria.

My team chose track 2 which is to stop human trafficking with the use of technology as well as raise awareness on anti-slavery and sex labor.

With API at our disposal, there were a lot of ideas that … Continue Reading


How We Built an Intrusion Detection System on AWS using Open Source Tools

It’s roughly a year now that we built an intrusion detection system on AWS cloud infrastructure that provides security intelligence across some selected instances using open source technologies.

As more instances were spun, real-time security monitoring became necessary. We wanted the capability to detect when someone attempts an SQL injection, … Continue Reading


My team won the last UN hackathon in Africa


My team won the united nation Hackathon that took place in 9 regions of the world in 2017.

We had spent two nights working on an integrated transport system that gives commuters real-time information on bus routes, stops and fares via a mobile application, this we tagged “smart transit”.… Continue Reading


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