& iamtheCode hackathon: Nigeria Edition partnered with iamtheCode to organize a 2-day hackathon in Nigeria.

My team chose track 2 which is to stop human trafficking with the use of technology as well as raise awareness on anti-slavery and sex labor.

With API at our disposal, there were a lot of ideas that sprung up from my team members.

Main Idea

Our idea is to create a simple mobile and web app that could be used to track and arrest traffickers around the world. We believe trafficking is not a one-man thing. There are often witnesses around during the course of this nefarious act.

With a robust reward system for people who report this act, witnesses can use their smartphones to take pictures trafficking in hotels, brothels and upload either via the whistleblower web app or mobile app. The geo-location coordinates are sent to the backend along with the pictures which can be used to nab the suspects.

Uploaded pictures can be processed using image processing technologies and compared with known pictures of  places from API.

Victims without smartphones can use USSD or send the keyword “Trafficking and Location” to a Twilio phone number (+12564726672) which is then routed back to our API backend for processing.

The code for the app and and apk file can be found here

We came third at the end of the hackathon.